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Our services extend to help our clients’ business enterprises by assuring that the software functions are delivered with best quality and capability. Thus, creating a solid foundation for your organization to propel your business system into the future. We ensure to provide all types of software and IT solutions, from acquisition to sustainment with best accuracy.

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Key Features

With such a rapid development in the complex software-reliant systems, we are constantly updating businesses with the right product to enable digital advancement across all enterprise digitalisation – your business needs to evolve into the digital age. We have designed a solid foundation to ensure critical capabilities for efficient and secure computing software program.

Awesome Interface

Get your data between Human Resource (HR) and Payroll functions will be connected to our Interface system. Your organization’s data between HR and Payroll are tied together to eliminate any repetitive double entry and reduce the risk of manual entry errors.

User Friendly

– Simple -> not overly complex: straightforward, quick access to common features and commands
– Well organised – easily locatable
– Require minimal explanation on usage
– Reliable and no malfunction/crash/lagging
– Effortless
– Compatible with large number of cloud-based applications
– Allows collaboration on document creation -> improve teamwork and time mgmt.
– Affordable, easy to set up
– Forms capture new client data for efficiency
– Intuitive, visually engaging, highly customisable

With reliability to guarantee highly customisable features, each and every software solution of ours is compatible with large number of cloud-based applications where your business can store new and old cliental data.

Connect with People

By collaborating on documentation on your own business cloud system online, staff will be well connected to each other hence improving teamwork and time management while increasing productivity.

Free Updates

To ensure smooth, consistent quality service, our software solutions require up to date upgrades. With free updates as part of our software solutions, we guarantee to back up your data anytime, anywhere.

Instant Support

With coverage for everything, our customer support service work together with our clients to optimize productivity and resolve any hiccups at any time of the day from our automated AI chatbots that learn as it connects.

Skin Colors

By keeping with the same theme and function, you will be able to customize various software skin color and appearance more fitting of your business’s image.


Our software programs cater to the wants and needs of our client’s’ wishes in an effortless, efficient and reliable support allowing interactive servicing.


A notification system will be able to inform the user client about the various updates, suggestions and service solutions, utilizing the solutions system.

Very Active Community

Developed as an open source software and solutions service, we aim to provide a reliable, robust and affordable, user friendly software program service to our partners, clients and users. Used by an active community of firms, companies and organizations who we have provided various software solutions and innovative strategies. Keeping in close contact with the current trends and upcoming projects, we are constantly trying to improve our services in order to provide the best of the best, because our clients deserve the best.

Quick Installation

In order to be time efficient and productive, our systems are constantly working to improve at its core. This includes timed updates by taking into account the busiest and inactive time of the business for maintenance and quick installations to update additional features, as well as installing programs for your system to run smoothly under a few minutes.



Have any inquiries on our services or what your business needs? We have a community forum of industry experts and partners ready to help you. We also have frequently asked questions by past clients
and here are our answers.

Cloud-based system allows users to easily access your data and information from anywhere, anytime with secured storage on the cloud. Server-based systems store data on-site in a server. This means, users are only able to access information with the hardware connected to that server. Users do not own the software license for cloud-hosted server, and its services require a monthly fee. However, server- based application is available for users to purchase the software license.

It depends on the user’s needs and software. Since it is optional to upgrade, our best advise is whether the upgrade on your system is recommended. However, new versions of the software might have additional features and fixes that needs to be upgraded.

Your data needs to be migrated from your current software to the next by our implementation team, however, some of the documents and reports need to be prepared before the migration.

No, you can start anytime.

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